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Mysuru’s Kannada salon is here! Meet Mr. Manjunath.

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There are so many of people around us who prove that there exists no mandatory way of showing love towards their language. They do all possible kind of favor possible to their language.

If you go a little further from St. Mary’s School towards Sewage Farm Road, you will find a shop called ‘Super Style Men’s Parlor’. You will see  photos of Kuvempu, Shivarama Karanth, Ananthamurthy, Chandrasekhara Kambara outside the salon. Whole interior of the salon is full of Kannada books and portraits of Kannada authors. 

The owner of this shop is Manjunath. He is doing this from past 25 years. He does the hairstyles of famous Kannada authors. Everyone loves to do hairstyles like movie stars. Thinking about why not make hairstyles of authors, Manjunath started this in his salon.

Manjunath makes a variety of hairstyles including Kuvempu’s Mission Cutting, Masti Scissor Cutting, Karant Hair Setting, Ananthamurthy Beard Trimming, VK Gokak Face Massage and many more.

Even the staff who have been working here for many years are proud of Manjunath. Customers who come here feel motivated to use kannada. ‘There are people who have been coming here from past 25 years. Now they’re their children come along for cutting. From these things, my enthusiasm is still growing’ says Manjunath.

Manjunath, an avid reader, has arranged Kannada books in a row at his shop. He has made everyone at home to develop book-reading habit. Vatal Nagaraj is the main reason for Manjunath’s love for Kannada. Raised by watching the struggles of Vatal Nagaraj when he was a child, he was motivated to do something for kannada. If you ever happen to pass by this shop, you should definitely visit this. You will feel proud. 

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