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From an ordinary mechanic, to a Honda dealer!

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There are many examples for extraordinary achievements that a common man has done. One of them is Srinivas Jadhav of Mysore! Srinivas’s life shows that the distance between dream and reality is just hardwork.

Srinivas Jadhav, a general mechanic, is today a dealer of Honda company. Srinivas’s father was a mechanic. He took him to the store whenever he was on school vacation from an early age, taught him washing and other small tasks.

When all was well, the workers of the shop suddenly left work and opened their own shop and began to attract customers. Srinivas’ father, who was distracted, decided to close the shop. ‘Looking at all this, I went to someone who left job and asked why did you start a shop against us? and he said, you are still a kid, go sleep. This incident has affected me’ says Srinivas.

Srinivas started working. He worked day and night and went to Bangalore on the weekends to learn and work in the shop. This has resulted in a better reputation for the store. He repaired Luna, Bajaj and Honda and had customers from Chennarayapatnam, Ooty and Kodagu.

Then he started to think about starting his own showroom. When he shared it with friends Gopal Raj and Suchendra, they applied for dealership of various companies. Once, a Honda company representative came to his shop in disguise and saw him work. Impressed by his dedication, he chose him as the dealer. Srinivas Jadhav is now the owner of Yash Motors in Kalyanagirinagar.

‘Whatever I do, my wife’s role is very much in it. None of this would be possible without her cooperation. She takes care of sales. I take care of the showroom. Young people should dream. Nothing is impossible. Even though I have grown so much, I still have difficulties. I face it all. That is why I am able to be happy. I have a desire to help as many people as I can’ Srinivas smiles and signs off.

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