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Mysuru’s talent is achieving it all across the world!

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The fashion world is vast. Not everyone can make their mark so easily. In the meantime, a young man of 25 years in Mysore has gone to abroad and has marked his name in the field of fashion designing. The name of this fashion designer is Kaushal Visukumar.

Outfits designed by Kaushal Visukumar:

The boy, who was mesmerised by seeing colorful clothes on the screen at a young age, is now designing such outfits. Going abroad at the age of 22, he is making a noise in the fashion world. He was also a fashion designer for the movie Urvi and has won the prestigious KAFTA award for the same.

Being a famous fashion designer, Vishu is basically engineer. Born and raised in a middle-class family in Mysore, he did fashion designing at NIE College. Kaushal’s grandmother wanted to send him abroad. For that reason, as soon as he finished engineering, he joined the Miami school of designing. His family was initially reluctant to send him there but later agreed. He then got involved in fashion shows and introduced himself to senior designers. By doing so, he established his own brand name in the fashion world of America. He has done more than 50 fashion shows in abroad including Dubai and the US.

Babru, the first Kannada film to be shot completely in abroad, consists his designing works. Kaushal’s desire is to become a teacher in the same field.
With it, he desires to organize fashion shows across the world and introduce a unique kind of fashion to people.  Recently, an article about him was published in The Mississippi Times, one of America’s oldest newspapers. He was also interviewed on one of America’s most famous TV shows.

Kaushal’s grandmother is proud of her grandson who made her dream come true. The father and mother, who opposed him at initially is now proud of him. “When I was watching cinema the beautiful dresses that everyone wore felt so appealing. When it came to moving abroad, I chose the field of my choice. I met Priyanka Chopra once. She talked to me for a couple of minutes and was pleased to hear my story. She said that more Indians should come to this field” Kaushal Visukumar says.

Kaushal's got an O-visa !: 
Kaushal has been given the O-Visa by the US government. This visa is only for those who has extraordinary talent in the field of arts. He can travel anywhere around the world for next three years using this visa. Lawyer Gregory suggested and helped him in obtaining the visa. The other Indian who got this facility was actress Priyanka Chopra. 
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