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Charming green house in Gokulam, Mysuru.

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There are plenty of people who say that the environment must be saved. Unfortunately, the number of people who say that is 10 times more than the number of people who actually does that. Only a handful of people are doing their part without promoting themselves.

If you look at Benjamin Vas’s house, “Vertical Garden” in Gokulam, Mysore, it is hard to find out hoem between green. Even a nursery that sells various plants is not as green as this house. From the very end of the road, the house looks cool. The green canopy forest-like atmosphere is built on the right side as you enter the house. There are also different types of hanging plants hanging on the door. This greenery is not only present outside the house but also inside the house. The variety of indoor plans inside the home is mind-blowing. There are many pots on the stairs inside. Hundreds of plants have been planted on the terrace of the house and hung on the wall.His house, which has about 200 species of plants, includes plants that control snakes and pests, mosquito repellents.

Benjamin Vas originally worked for St. Philomena’s Church and served in the All India Bible Literature Society. Their family of four came to Mysore years ago. His wife is a lecturer by profession. The whole family has special love for plants.They have two servants to help them in maintainance.

There are 14 showcases in their house that make their entire house an art gallery. They have unique Bibles, hundreds of sea shells, sandflakes, unique toys, Dasara dolls, rare pantheons, and statues. There are many idols of all caste, godsof all religion and special items found here. His hobby is to buy such items wherever he goes. Special paints, statues and other special items are hanged all over the house.

Pets are a special love for Ben. They also have rooms on the top floor of their home, allowing foreigners to stay in the house at very low rates and look around the house. Dasara is also celebrated with Christmas in Ben’s house. He has received numerous awards for his rare collection. His house is nothing but a museum. This is a feast for the eyes.

People around our house have also practiced to make house greener after seeing our house. There is nothing more exhilarating if someone else grows green with us. – Benjamin Vas, Vertical Garden Owner

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