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Dr.Sudha’s home is the Elephant house of Mysore.

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This home is full of elephant..! This is the home for elephants from different countries, different states, different forms of art and craftsmanship. Here we can find elephant patterns of all colors, all shapes and all kinds. This is the home of Dr.Sudha, a retired Zoology Professor in Kuvempunagar, Mysore. Sudha is a retired zoology lecturer. She has keen keen knowledge about all animals but have developed a special love towards elephants. 

The elephant’s majesty, gesture and innocence made Sudha very fond of them. So the hobby of collecting elephant artifacts that started decades ago is being continued till today. The very first elephant she brought was a heavy terracotta elephant. Since then, there have been elephant models of different kinds from different countries, different cultures in their home.

She has elephant model collection from China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, USA, North India, coastal parts of karnataka, Mysore exhibition and so on  except from Australia. What’s special is that every elephant she has is a reflection of its own kind of culture. The most interesting elephant model is from srilanka which is made up of elephant’s dung! 

She has the Bandini Elephant from Tamil Nadu, the Jumbo design elephant from China, the white handmade elephant art on pure leather from Thailand, the Panchmukhi elephant, the elephant on the Ganjifa card, the elephant carved on the flat wood of our coastal areas and more.

Apart from the artwork in the showcase, everyday items such as elephant design scale, bookmark, ring holder, candle stand, teapot, sandalwood sticker, bedlights constitute the important part of her collection. You can also find stamps with elephant pictures here. Wherever Sudha goes, she sees elephants’ artwork and buys them without thinking about money. Others have gifted special carved elephants after seeing her interest.

Terracotta elephant

‘I have seen elephants manufactured in abroad. But those elephants are not as beautiful as it is in India. Perhaps this is the proof Indians have seen the elephants more closely and more closely than ever’ says Sudha. 

elephant bed lamp

Sudha is a writer too. She has written books on zoology. Along with it, she has written hundreds of thousands of articles on various issues, including man and elephant conflict and other issues. She has written story books that make children aware of the environment. Awards have been given to her from some local associations and organizations. The elephants in her collection were once exhibited at the Mysore Art Gallery.

‘There are many similarities between elephant and man. Elephants are considered holy in all relegions. Especially white elephants.  So I admire the elephants. My friends, family and my husband are all contributing to my hobby”says Sudha with a million dollar pure smile on her face. 

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