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She loves our Dasara elephants more than we do..!

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In some cases, foreigners are more interested in the culture and history of our country than we are. Foreigners continue to make new discoveries in India’s rich history, architecture and culture. The interest of a distant London woman who is studying about Mysore Dasara and Dasara elephants is awe-inspiring for us.

Rachel Dwyer

Rachel Dwyer was originally from London. She is living in India since 40 years as her husband’s family is based in Bangalore. Before heading to India, she was awarded Ph.D in sanskrit from London university. This proves her special interest towards Indian culture, heritage and hinduism. Rachel is studying about Mysore Dasara, elephants that carry howdah Ambari. She see the city that stays decked up for a month during Dasara with her eyes shining with curiosity. She has also written books on Hindi cinema.

Rachel says that famous writer RK Narayan is the reason for her interest.Inspired by his book, she has taken hundreds of tours across India and studied the culture here. It is still going on. Rachel is very interested in studying elephants. Facts like what makes elephant a holy animal, the importance of elephants in Mysore Dasara, the reason behind dasara elephants’ celebrity status in the minds of people is her area of interest. 

‘I have met Prof.Raman Sukumar from Bangalore who has a lot of knowledge about the life of elephants. His books are pleasure to read’, says Rachel. She is being guided by Dr.Nishant, who is studying elephants’ life and lifestyle in Mysore. She had been in Jaipur, Assam and Mathura and also elephant camps to study the life of elephants.

We feel proud when a person from across the world shows interest and studies about our culture. is her website. Take a look.

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