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More than 70 herostones found in Mysore’s Jaipura.

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More than 70 herostones that belongs to 11th to 13th century have been found near a temple in Jaipura in the outskirts of Mysore. Students of government first grade college in Kuvempunagar, Mysore participated in the NSS camp at Jaipura led by Ramdas Reddy, a professor of history. On this occasion the students who saw the half-buried stones around the temple, with the cooperation of the villagers, dug the land and extracted the stones completely.

Mysore’s renowned history expert Dr.N.S.Rangaraju has examined all the available herostones and confirmed that these stones belongs to Hoysalas as the inscription is made on soapstones which was widely used by Hoysalas. Rangaraju said that this is not the first time that this incident has happened.

The herostones found here are all unique. Among these are herostones with war-carving , the sculptures, the carvings of the Sati system and the marble. There is a rare carving of a river, a boat, a boatman and a woman in a ship. It is said that this was the first such stone found inKarnataka.

The story of the king where he fights to save a woman, then the people from heaven come and take him there etc., is engraved on stones. The sun, moon and keerthi Mukha (Hoysala emblem) is seen on all the stones. Some of the stones here belong to the Wodeyars, Vijayanagara Empire. But most of them belong to the period of 12th century.

Amidst all this, a copper inscription was also found. It is a Sanskrit script. An inscription of three sheets is placed on the copper bearing which has an elephant emblem. The inscription is said to have belonged to the Ganga period as the elephant was the emblem of Gangas.

‘From our college, we arrange NSS camps to find and protect the inscriptions and herostones. We have found many herostones and incriptions like this in the same village. But the stones that has been found this time are rare. The engraving itself conveys the story. We are happy to have this warmth and cooperation from the villagers’ said SG Ramadas Reddy, professor of history, Govt. First grade college, Kuvempunagar.

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