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The antique postal world – Photo feature

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He used to hold a lantern, a bell, a bag of letters which means there is a message. He used to deliver letters, loved one’s message, happy news, sad news.. etc. to houses. The postman was doing his job of delivering message. But now, technology is so advanced that message can be sent to anywhere across the world within seconds.

The postal training institute located opposite to the Nazarbad police station, Mysore, takes us back to that time when every message was conveyed through post. The postman’s replica is placed in front of the museum. He is holding a lantern, a bag and looks like he is eager to deliver the message.

Here are few rare pictures from the museum:

Royal cross, water bottle, bag, lantern used by postman
Rare equipments used in office
Different types of post boxes
Type writer, travel writer, telephone, diary, rate chart

Postmans used to visit different places to deliver letters. They carried a stick which had bell with it while travelling. This was communicate people about his arrival. It used to be there to their rescue and save them from thieves.

Stick with bell
Weighing essentials
Diaries and records
Weighing scale and a lamp
Bronze, steel, brass and plastic badges

One visit to this museum makes us nostalgic. While coming out, we feel like we are coming out of a time machine.

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