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Once a vacant site in the city centre, is now a Banana plantation!

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We all have seen terrace gardens. It’s quite common these days. But have you ever seen anyone who has a farm next to their house? Rudraradhya, a retired agricultural scientist has a beautiful terrace garden and a farm in his house!

Rudraradhya was a professor at agricultural university and has been retired an year ago. He lives at his rented house which is in Vijayanagar 3rd stage, near More Super Market. His terrace garden has plenty of plants like brinjal, tomato, methi, beans, broad beans, carrot, rose, sevantige, lily, jasmine and what not! There are many medicinal plants as well. He himself does nursery in his terrace .

Banana plantation just next to the house!

There is a 60*40 vacant site next to his house. Seeing Rudraradhya’s interest in farming, site’s owner have permitted him to use his site for agricultural purposes for next 2 years. Rudradhya made a banana plantation out of it! In the beinning, he planted tomato and green chilli. And he got about 500 kg. Tomato, 150 kg. green chilli. Now, he has grown banana plants in that spae. He has a helper to look after everything. They are growing quite well. He has a helper to look after everything.

His simplicity fascinates us. Beautiful banana plantation in the middle of concrete city feels like the best place to be in. His intelligence in making the most of that vacant site and his urge to grow more and more greenery makes us imitate him.

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