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Most unique fan of Annavru in Mysuru!

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There are countless fans who see their favorite actors in the form of God. The most celebrated actor of kannada film industry, Dr.Rajkumar has one such fan in Mysore.

His name is Siddaraju. He is a civil contractor by profession. His house is located at Hebbal. Siddaraju’s whole family is fond of Rajkumar. They have never missed watching first day, first show of his movies. Till date, they watch all the movies of Puneeth Rajkumar, Shivarajkumar and Raghavendra Rajkumar with same affection.

His home makes us know how he literally worship Dr.Rajkumar. He has named his house as Kasturi Nivasa and Rajkumar’s sculpture, which is made of granite is on the wall of their house, which looks very attractive to the people who pass by. We can see a huge painting of him on the wall. If we step inside, clock, calendar, wall, TV stand..everything is customized and has his picture. Invitation card for every occasion which takes place in their house will have his picture by default. Most importantly, a silver picture of Rajkumar is placed in their house with photos of other Gods. He has a home theater in his home. He possess CDs of all the Rajkumar movies.

Siddaraju has adopted all the qualities of Rajkumar in his life. His simplicity, his service, his respect for farmers..everything. Even today, he use a basic phone and is away from bad habits. He also does so many activities like donating bag to needy children and helping people who are in need. Once, Puneeth Rajkumar had come to Mysore and visited Siddaraju’s house. He shared his experience and gratitude on social media. ‘Fans expect their favorite actors to come to their home. That is wrong. They’ll be really busy. As fans, we have to understand them. I was very happy when Puneeth Rajkumar came to our house’ says Siddaraju.

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