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Mysuru’s small village known for Anjeer fruit and gorgeous jewellery!

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We all have heard the name of Ganjam. Some jewelers have this name for their shops. There is a district named Ganjam in Orissa. Also, Ganjam is the name of a small village near Mysore. With very few houses adjacent to Srirangapatnam, this town has a historical background.

Ganjam village is also known for its fig crop which is called as anjura in kannada. Ganjam fig was once one of the most favorite fruits of the Wodeyars. The palace was buying all the figs grown in Ganjam. A Ganjam resident, who had brought the seed from somewhere earlier, had grown that in front of his house. Once Sir Mirza Ismail tasted that fruit and was mesmerised by it’s exotic taste. He explained it to the kings. Kings reacted nothing less than that of Sir Mirza Ismail. They absolutely loved it.

Later, Ganjam was instructed to develop the fig crop and the people were given land by the palace to grow fig. About 150 people were allowed to grow fig in their surroundings. Required water facilities were made available to them through irrigation.

Figs grown in Ganjam has a unique taste. Mirza Ismail, the divan of Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar, worked hard to develop fig cultivation. But now, the farm has been destroyed to the extent that there are very few fig plantation in Ganjam. All because of Horticulture department’s efforts.

Ganjam is also known for it’s exquisite jewellery designs. There are so many jewellery shops in it’s name. Ganjam’s antique, traditional and graceful jewellery designs is famous in town till date. But now a days, authentic Ganjam jewellery is very rare.

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