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Milk in terms of k.g.? Yes.. available here!

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Usually people sell milk sales in terms of litre. But there is a rare private milk dairy in Mysore which sells pure milk in terms of kilogram! Yes.. you have to believe this. This shop is ‘Murugan Milk Dairy’ located at Agrahara. Owner’s name is Giriraj. His family is into this business since 54 years.

They started this business even before milk packets came into existence. They used to sell thousands of litres of milk everyday. Till date, they sell approximately 2 thousand liters of milk per day. Remaining milk is given to hotels and tea stalls. In other dairies, farmers bring milk from their home which is processed and delivered to the customers in the form of packet. They try minimise the amount of impurities as much as possible but in vain. But that’s not the case here. Milk producers bring their cows to this dairy extract milk here itself. The owner doesn’t even mix a single drop of water to it. So milk, in it’s purest form will be available to customers.

This road seems very crowded in the mornings and evenings. Cows graze and will arrive directly to the dairy. They give milk and leave. ‘If you measure milk in liters, the amount of milk will be reduced due to leakage while measuring. Thus, we sell it in terms of kilograms. Justice to customers is our main motto’ says Giriraj.

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