Sat. Jan 9th, 2021

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Herostones found in Metagalli!

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It has been only few months since nearly 70 herostones were found in Jayapura, located at the outskirts of Mysuru. Now, 2 herostones has been found in Metagalli this morning. These are said to be originated during vijayanagara reign.

The villagers have saw these herostones while they were cleaning the premises. Antique designs are made on these black stones. Archaeological department officials Sunil Kumar and his team visited the place and inspected the stones. The lower part of the engraving has the scene of the heroes fighting, the middle part shows the nymphs taking them to heaven after the death and the upper part has the picture of the sun and the moon and also that fighter resting in heaven.

The Archaeological Department thought of preserving it. But the villagers have said that they are going to preserve those stones. So, officials have decided to leave it to the villagers.

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